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Total Body Composition

Why should have a Dexa Total Body Composition?

Health & Fitness - If you are aiming to lose weight and want to monitor fat loss and muscle gain.

Rehabilitation - to monitor lean mass through your rehabilitation programme with the aim of minimising muscle loss.

Athlete - if you are trying to achieve a low ratio of fat to lean tissue mass and want to monitor progress.

Teams - to help empirically assess team and individual responses to training programs.

Total Body Composition

What choose Dexa Total Body Composition?

Dexa, short for Dyal Energy X-ray Absorptiometry, is an enhanced form of x-ray technology used to measure bone mineral content, predominantly in the lower back and hips. Additionally, it is todays gold standard for determining total body composition. This total body scan uses a three compartment model to distinguish between:

  • Body fat mass
  • Lean Mass
  • Bone mineral content

To give a 98% accuracy rate.

Total Body Composition